5xAll-In-One 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Mix (25 Reactions)

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5X All-In-One 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Mix is an optimized ready-to-use mastermix, which eliminates multiple component additions. The mastermix provides sensitive and reliable cDNA synthesis over a range of input RNAs. The size of target cDNA is up to 9kb.
Composition: PowerScript™ Reverse transcriptase, Ribonuclease inhibitor, dNTPs, Oligo(dT)s, Random primers in optimized reaction buffer. 
PowerScript™ Reverse Transcriptase: a specially engineered RTase based on native RTase from MMLV, (1) No RNase H activity to prevent RNA degradation; (2) Contains a fidelity-enhancing subunit to ensure accuracy in reverse transcription. 
Size: 50 µl; 1ml Nuclease-free H2O
Storage: -20ºC
  • Generation of templates for RT-PCR and qPCR
  • cDNA synthesis from ssRNA
  • cDNA library construction
  • Generation of probes for hybridization
  • DNA primer extension

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