dNTP Mix (2x500ul, 10mM per dNTP)

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10mM dNTP Mix is a premixed solution containing 10mM of each dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP. dNTP Mixes are ready-to-use solutions designed to save time and to provide higher reproducibility in PCR and other applications.



For use in all molecular biology applications, including PCR, long PCR, real-time PCR, high fidelity PCR, RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, primer extension, DNA sequencing and DNA labeling.


Quality Control

  • Functionally tested in PCR with Taq and Pfu DNA Polymerases.
  • Greater than 99% purity of each component confirmed by HPLC.
  • Free of endodeoxyribonuclease, exodeoxyribonuclease, ribonuclease and phosphatase activities. 


  • Long Term (Infrequent use; 1-2 times per month): -70oC
  • Daily/Weekly use: -20oC


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