Millipore Replacement parts list

The replacement parts are compatible with corresponding Millipore parts. When you order, please use the replacement part catalog number, not the Millipore catalog number. The Millipore catalog numbers are used as reference.

Replacement Part
Cat. No. 
Corresponding Millipore
Cat. No.
Product Description
RAR000201 CDRC00201 Small RO Membrane
RAR0012HG CDRC012HG RO membrane w/o housing
RAR0050HG CDRC050HG RO Membrane w/o housing
RAR060201 CDRC60201 RO Membrane w/o housing
RAR060202 CDRC60202 RO Membranes w/o housing, 2/pk
RAR075202 CDRC75202 RO Membrane w/o housing (2/pk)
RAR0H12HG CDRCH12HG RO membrane w/o housing
RR1ALLRES CP1ALLRES Purification Cartridge 
RR400Q401 CP2ALLRES Polishing Cartridge 
RR100Q401 CP4ALLRES Polishing Cartridge 
RRDI000L1 CPDI000L1 Large Cartridge 
RR100Q201 CPMQ004D2 Purification Cartridge
RR100Q101 CPMQ004R1 Purification Cartridge
RRQ2FFSKT CPMQK05D2 Purification Cartridge kit
RRQ1FFSKT CPMQK05R1 Purification Cartridge kit
RR100NP01 CPR0NP402 Double-sided Pretreatment Pack $485.00
RR100CP01 CPR0P0402 Double-sided Pretreatment Pack
RARF05380 FTPF05380 30L Tank Level Sensor 
RARF05381 FTPF05381 60L Tank Level Sensor
RARF06805 FTPF06805 100L Tank Level Sensor
RAPF07743 FTPF07743 200L Tank Level Sensor
RAPF07744 FTPF07744 350L Tank Level Sensor
RAFFC0200 MPGL04001 0.2 um PES Capsule Filter
RAFFC0250 MPGP02001 0.2 um PES High Flux Capsule Filter
RAFFC0250 MPGP04001 0.2 um PES High Flux Capsule Filter
RR400CP00 PR0G00001 Pretreatment Pack (Short), 2/pk
$289.00 (2/pk)
RR400CP01 PR0G00002 Pretreatment Pack (Long)
RR400CP03 PR0G00003US Pretreatment Pack (US)
RR400CPS2 PR0G000S2 Pretreatment Pack (Long)
M1001CPT3 RP0G000T3 Pretreatment Pack
RR400NP01 PR0GNP02 Pretreatment Pack $265.00
RR800CP01 PR0G0T0S2 Pretreatment Pack
RR500CP01 PR0GTL0S1US Pretreatment Pack (US)
RR500CPC1 PR0GTLCS1 Pretreatment Pack
RRPRPK01 PRPK00001US Pretreatment Pack (US), 2/pk
RR500CPP1 PRPK0L0S1US Pretreatment Pack (US)
RR400Q201 QGARD00D2 Purification Cartridge
RR400Q101 QGARD00R1 Purification Cartridge
RR800Q101 QGARDT1X1 Purification Cartridge
RR800Q201 QGARDT2X1 Purification Cartridge
RR500Q101 QGARDTL01 Polishing Cartridge
RR800QTIX QPAK00TIX Polishing Cartridge
RR800QTEX QPAK00TEX Polishing Cartridge
RRQTUM0EX QTUM000EX Polishing Cartridge
RRQTUM0IX QTUM000IX Polishing Cartridge
M1001MTEX QTUM0TEX1 Polishing Cartridge
M1001MTIX QTUM0TIX1 Polishing Cartridge
RAUVLQSL1 QUVLQSL01 Replacement UV Lamp
RAFFC0200 SIMFILTER 0.2 um PES Capsule Filter
RRSYNM0DX SIMPAK0D2 Purification Cartridge
RRSYNM0IX SIMPAK0R1 Purification Cartridge
RRSYNMFDX SIMPAKKD2 Purification Cartridge kit
RRSYNMFIX SIMPAKKR1 Purification Cartridge kit
M1001SIA1 SIPK0SIA1 Purification Cartridge
M1001SIX2 SIPK0SIX2 Purification Cartridge
RJF254510 SLFH02510 Vent filter (10/pk)
265020601 SYN185UV1 Photooxidation UV Lamp-185 nm
M1002SIA1 SYPK0SIA1 Purification Cartridge
M1002SIX2 SYPK0SIX2 Purification Cartridge
RATANKVN1 TANKMPK01 Tank Vent Filter with CO2 scavenger $129.00
RATANKVN2 TANKMPK02 Tank Vent Filter without CO2 scavenger $69.00
RATANKVN3 TANKMPK03 Tank Vent Filter (2/PK) $30.00
RAPF20022 ZF2000022 200L Tank Level Sensor $410.00
RAPF20023 ZF2000023 350L Tank Level Sensor $499.00
RASP136 ZF3000000 Pump, 36 VDC $515.00
RASP236 ZF3000001 Pump, 36 VDC $515.00
RASP00401 ZF3000401 Recirculation pump $485.00
RASP00431 ZF3000431 Boster pump $455.00
RAA10UVM1 ZFA10UV01 Photooxidation UV lamp for A10 TOC monitor $399.00
RAA10UVM1 ZFA10UVM1 Photooxidation UV lamp for A10 TOC monitor $399.00
RAPR58561 ZFMQ000PR Pressure Regulator $185.00
2650110C1 ZFRES00UV Bactericidal UV Lamp - 254 nm $195.00
265010601 ZLXUVLP01 Bactericidal UV Lamp 254 nm $175.00
265011001 ZLXUVLPL1 Bactericidal UV Lamp 254 nm $215.00
RAUV212B1 ZUVWPM01 UV lamp (After 2012 model) $218.00
265021701 ZMQUVLP01 UV lamp 185/254 nm $319.00


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