Water Purification Systems

Type 3 RO Water Type 3 water is the lowest laboratory water grade, recommended for glassware rinsing, heating baths and filling autoclaves, or to feed Type 1 lab water systems.
Type 2 EDI Water Type 2 laboratory grade water is used in general laboratory applications such as buffers, pH solutions and microbiological culture media preparation; as feed to Type 1 water systems, clinical analyzers, cell culture incubators and weathering test chambers; and for preparation of reagents for chemical analysis or synthesis.
Type 1



Type 1 laboratory grade water is required for critical laboratory applications such as HPLC mobile phase preparation, blanks and sample dilution in GC, HPLC, AA, ICP-MS and other advanced analytical techniques; preparation of buffers and culture media for mammalian cell culture and IVF; production of reagents for molecular biology applications (DNA sequencing, PCR); and preparation of solutions for electrophoresis and blotting.


Product Image Catalog# Product Description Price
Direct-Pure Adept (Type I) RD0AP400E

Direct-Pure Adept (Type I)

The small foot print Direct-Pure adept lab water system is an ideal choice for users who need up to 20 liters of ultrapure water or RO water per day. Quality of ultrapure product water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards.  Features: The compact system...
$3,090.00     Add:

Direct-Pure UP Ultrapure & RO (Type I/III) RD1P0100E

Direct-Pure UP Ultrapure & RO (Type I/III)

The Direct-Pure UP Ultrapure & RO Lab Water System is an integrated system that produces ultrapure and reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly. Quality of ultrapure water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards. Features: Electrical and water compartments...
$3,776.00     Add:

Direct-Pure RO Lab Water Systems (Type III) RD1R0100E

Direct-Pure RO Lab Water Systems (Type III)

The Direct-Pure RO lab water system produces reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly. Features: Electrical and water compartments are completely segregated, thus safer to operate. The Fully automated control system contains pre-rinse, RO membrane fouling preventing flush, RO...
$2,716.00     Add:

PURIST Ultrapure Water System (Type I) RS2200QSS

PURIST Ultrapure Water System (Type I)

The PURIST Ultrapure Lab Water System produces ultrapure water from EDI, reverse osmosis (RO), distilled or deionized water.  Features: Automatic system recirculation every hour to prevent bacteria from growing inside the system  A dual UV lamp to kill bacteria and reduce...
$2,540.00     Add:

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