The biggest challenges of RNAi technology are the stability of siRNA and its delivery efficiency. Chemical modifications such as 2' O-Methyl RNA and  2' Fluoro RNA  will increase siRNAs' stability in serum and other medium, while minimize off-target effects. Also, some modification, such as cholesterol modification, will increase tranfection efficiency.

1.  Chemical Modification available

2' O-Methyl phosphoramidites
2'-O-Me-rA, 2'-O-Me-rC, 2'-O-Me-rG, 2'-O-Me-rU
Increase stability, minimize off-target effect: Prolong RNAi effect (Long-lasting siRNA)
2' Fluoro phosphoramidites 
2'-FluoC, 2'-FluoU
5' modifications
5'-Amino, 5'-Biotin, 5'-Cholesterol, 5'-Phophorylation and 5'-Thio
For specific applications  (Special Application siRNA)
3' modification
2.  Comparable table of chemically-modified and standard siRNAs
 Critical challenges Standard siRNA  Chemically-modified siRNA
 siRNA degradation The non-modified standard siRNA is easy to  be degraded in cell culture process. Although it is effective in most in vitro experiments, its life expectancy is shorter in cell culture. The chemically-modified siRNA not only increases its life expectancy in serum and cell culture, but also strengthens its in vitro application capability
 Time of effect            Relative short time effect, under normal circumstances for approximately one week. The chemically-modified siRNA has long time effect, its effective time is twice as that of the standard siRNA
 In vivo activity The standard siRNA has poor stability, usually is not applicable to vivo experiments The chemically-modified siRNA has strong stability in vivo


Product Image Catalog# Product Description Price
Chemically-modified siRNA CMSI01

Chemically-modified siRNA

Including 2'-Omethyl RNA: 2’-OMeA/C/U/G; and 2'-Fluoro RNA: 2'FluoC/U
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Special Application siRNA CMSI02

Special Application siRNA

Choose from 5' modifications: 5'-Amino, 5'-Biotin, 5'-Cholesterol, 5'-Phosphorylation or 5'-Thio, and 3'-modification: 3'-Amino
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Fluorescence-labeled and chemically-modified siRNA FMCM01

Fluorescence-labeled and chemically-modified siRNA

The siRNA oligo can be labeled in the four different ends of double stranded by multiple markers. The labeled siRNA can be observed by flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, and laser scanning confocal microscope, which can determine whether the transfection is effective, and optimize...
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